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Introducing Ave 1.4

Pushing Ave forward.

A free update to boost the mobile productivity and increase the overall user experience.

Stunning Demos.

Every update, we provide you with new, free and ready-to-use Ave demos
carefully crafted by our professional designers.

Ave 1.4 – RTL

Ave 1.4 – RTL

Ave 1.4 – Beauty

Ave 1.4 – Beauty

Ave 1.4 – Stack

Ave 1.4 – Stack


Ave Beauty is a classy demo, best suited for spas, hair salons, wellness centers, and cosmetic products.


If you want to impress your visitors and clients, you need to see this demo!


Ave now supports RTL for all demos. We’ve created a live demo to showcase the new RTL feature.

Mobile First Approach.

We know that mobile matters the most these days. That’s why we’ve significantly improved our mobile header options for Ave. Now, the possibilities you have with this approach are endless.

Transparent Mobile Header

You can choose to make your main header’s background transparent and overlay, or assign a custom background color with a single click.

Secondary Header on Mobile

We’ve added an option to make the secondary header visible on the mobile as well.

Mobile Modules

You can add custom elements like iconbox, buttons or contact information to your mobile menu and customize everything with the page builder.

Introducing Stack System

It’s time to attract your clients and visitors with the latest stack feature. Apply fade out and enable sticky row to create a dynamic page concept.

Define a breakpoint for mobile.

Breakpoints allow us to adjust the content at different screen sizes. You have now full control over the site breakpoint. Simply add a breakpoint value in theme options and it’ll decide when the desktop mode goes mobile.

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Adjust site width easily.

Besides boxed and default layouts, Ave now includes a powerful option to tweak the width of your site easily. You can set the custom width of your website with a single click in the theme options to fill more of the screen.

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Full RTL Support.

Ave now fully supports RTL for every element and page. You can flip the content and set the page direction to RTL with a single click. No limitations on languages. You can also use WPML to combine it with different languages and create a multilingual website.

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